Picture of the Week, Mixed Coral Reef at the Aquarium of the Pacific


Mixed Reef Aquarium

So much awesomeness captured in one picture. Above, we find ourselves gazing at one of the mature reef setups at the Aquarium of the Pacific, and it’s full of every type of coral imaginable. We see SPS, LPS, and Softies…the big three of the coral world…and they all seem to be thriving beautifully in the crowded display. This tank truly is a representation of what it means to be a mixed reef. The leather corals have fully expanded polyps, the mushrooms are big ad fluffy, the overhead Euphyllids are swaying in the current, and the Pocillopora is, well, doing what it does best. This little snapshot of the reef is but a mere slice of a much bigger picture. The tank is huge and plays home to big Tridacnid clams, gigantic coral colonies, and surprisingly few fish.


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