Shark Breaks Glass, Strikes Uncontrollable Fear


What happens when you mix a little gullibility with some awesome, and apparently very realistic, video effects? You get a woman freaking out when a digtal shark “breaks” a video screen at what we presume to be some sort of aquarium exhibit. In the clip, someone off camera is telling the poor prank victim to touch the screen. A giant shark swims by, then disappears. Shortly after, the shark rams the screen out of nowhere, cracking it in the process.

The sight of the shark is scary enough that the woman flies backwards, landing on her back before sliding to a quick stop. Everyone in the room is laughing uncontrollably, and chances are the woman’s pants will need a little attention after the ordeal. It’s a cruel, but sadistically funny at the same time. We’re sure the woman will look back and laugh, man that was a violent reaction.
via – Woman Gets Owned By A Shark


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