“Super Schroom” Mushroom Coral from Sexy Corals Leaves Us Speechless


Sexy Corals Super Schroom

Who would have thought that mushroom corals would ascend up the ladder of corals in high demand? After all, they’ve been around forever, are virtually indestructible, reproduce like crazy, and are usually quite boring. Despite that, the hobby still surprises us with individuals like the one pictured above, a “Jawbreaker” variant of the the Discosoma mushroom. While the typical Jawbreaker is orange with hints of red, green and yellow, this super sexy mushroom from Sexy Corals takes it up a few notches with its kaleidoscope of colors. Called the SC Super Schroom, this coral sports orange, green, red, purple, and hints of blue.

Besides what we can derive from the image, there is literally zero information on this particular mushroom. We don’t have a price tag (we probably don’t want to know), but we do know that it sold to someone in Texas. Perhaps it’s a fellow reef keeper in my area.


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