Well Here is an Odd Way to Mount a Coral


Megalodon Bubble Gum Monster Chalice Frag

We’ve seen some rather creative ways to mount fresh cut coral frags, but this one takes the cake. Where most aquarists would use a frag plug or even a magnetic frag plug, the crew at FX Charity Corals decided to use a dinosaur fossil…and not just any fossil, but the tooth of the greatest predator to ever roam the ocean, the Megalodon shark. Over on their Reef2Reef page they shared these images of their chalice, which they’ve named Megalodon Bubble Gum Monster Chalice, along¬†with¬†the humorous tag line “feast your eyes on this…”

While the image above could easily pass for a frag encrusted over a piece of branching live rock, flipping the coral over reveals the epic awesomeness of this piece. You can see the tooth in full detail, with coral tissue encroaching on all sides.

The chalice has been priced at $500 shipped, which is considerably affordable if you take the size of the coral and the Megalodon tooth into account. We aren’t sure if the tooth is legit or if it is a replica, but either way it is a very cool and unique way to grow out a piece of coral.

Megalodon Bubble Gum Monster Chalice


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