GHL Announces Cloud Based Service for 4Q Launch


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Oooohhhh, the cloud! More and more companies are moving their services to the cloud, an online system that gives users an incredible amount of computing power while also improving functionality, adding handy features, offering seamless continuity among connected devices, and reducing the workload on equipment like aquarium controllers and other network connected items. The latest company to jump on the cloud’s bandwagon is GHL, the Germany-based controller manufacturer who also produces LED fixtures and other high-end equipment. They are introducting myGHL, which will allow hobbyists an incredible amount of control of many GHL products from any part of the world. The new cloud-based system will initially be available on the ProfiLux 3 and 3.1N starting in the fourth quarter of this year, with availability moving toward other products in the GHL family as the cloud rolls out.

More information will be dished out as time progresses, and the myGHL system will officially be unveiled at MACNA starting tomorrow. The PC-based GHL Control Center, the GHL smartphone apps, and the integrated web interface will continue to be available for users who are already well entrenched in these pieces of software.

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