Tip of the Day – 8/11/2014


Looking to cut down on your fragging supply costs? Try making your own frag plugs. It’s super easy and super cheap.¬†All you need is a concrete mix, a little sand, and a template. Mix the concrete power with water, toss in a little aragonite sand, and pour the mixture into a mold. After the plugs dry, soak them in water to help them cure and from that point you’re basically good to go. You can alter the ratio of concrete to sand in order to suit your needs, but just keep in mind that the more sand you add the more likely the plug will be to break apart and crumble. If you’re looking to further cut down on costs, just look around the house for items that can be used to cut the frags, and don’t hesitate to buy super glue from places like dollar stores.


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