Tip of the Day – 8/29/2014


Quit fragging frags! Too often we see hobbyists trying to turn a quick buck from their aquariums by fragging corals that are just too small. They buy a frag or mini-colony and want to recoup some of the dough they dropped, or sometimes they are just wanting to buy another coral or piece of equipment. Increasingly, we are also seeing this practice among vendors who acquire a rare piece and want to get it to market as soon as possible while retaining a small piece for themselves to continually frag over time. For the vendors, it makes sense to do this because they have a business to run and they are not necessarily about creating aesthetically pleasing aquariums. For hobbyists, on the other hand, fragging frags is counterproductive to creating that beautiful, mature reef that we are all striving for. So please, just quit doing it. Let’s get back to those huge coral colonies in those lovely established reef systems.


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