Fish Street Debuting Magnified Coral Viewer


Fish-Street Magnified Coral Viewer

Fish Street, the company that brings the Jebao product line to hobbyists everywhere, is debuting a brand new product to help us view our aquarium inhabitants in a different way. Called the Magnified Coral Viewer, this device attaches to the aquarium magnetically and can be moved around to give you a better view of your fish and corals. Being multifunctional, the viewer also doubles as an algae scraper, sporting textured pads that can tackle that filmy stuff that builds up on the glass of the tank.

There’s no information about price or availability, and it should be noted that this coral viewer is remarkably similar to the IVS Portal, which functions the exact same way and has been around for the past few years.

Fish-Street Coral Viewer

Fish-Street Magnified Coral Viewer Pad

Fish-Street Magnified Viewer


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