Kessil Spectral Controller Teased in New Video


Kessil is on the verge of releasing their new Spectral Controller, and to give potential users a taste of its functionality, they’re showing off a few features in this teaser video. The controller offers a quick and easy way to fine tune the settings on the Kessil A360 (and future products), and up to two different sets of lights can be adjusted independently. The Spectral Controller is the same shape and size as most smartphones, and the touch sensitive pad makes adjusting the settings a snap. It also helps that the menus are simple and the buttons are minimal and straightforward.

In terms of pre-built programs, the controller will offer a Manual Mode that lets users to fine tune both spectrum and intensity for on demand customization, as well as a Program Mode. The Program Mode has two pre-built lighting schedules, one for acclimation and another for normal daytime running. The acclimation program helps ease corals into the transition of getting intense light from the LEDs and the Quick Set mode offers a customizable dawn-to-dusk schedule.

The Kessil Spectral Controller will have a price tag of $99 and will be hitting store shelves in almost no time.


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