Picture of the Week, Grafted Scolymia

Grafted Scolymia

Photo credit: Ben Johnson

Gracing out routine picture of the week this fine Monday morning is an interesting coral from MACNA. It is a grafted scolymia coral, and while it may not look at that great (it was day one of the show, after all), there is one key feature of this coral that sets it apart from most. As you can probably tell, the coral has two completely different halves. One half is bleeding apple, the other more of the warpaint variety…and the two have been intentionally glued together to make this grafted scoly whole. Coral grafting is a recent trend in the trade in which corals are purposefully fragged and glued together in order to create a Frankenstein piece that is both unique and beautiful. It should be noted that not all graftings works, which is especially true for scoly and other fleshly LPS.


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