Reef Dynamics Shows Off Coldwater Nano Reef [Video]


Coldwater aquariums are really coming into their own, with new equipment popping up all the time that can provide the perfect environment for a plethora of coldwater fish and corals that are emerging in the hobby. One of the newest products targeted at this relatively young style of aquarium keeping is the new Cold Water Nano Aquarium line from Reef Dynamics.

Developed in conjunction with Titan Aquatic Exhibits and Coldwater Marine Aquatics, this all-in-one nano aquarium features a 24x18x18 (33-gallon) display made from 1″ thick acrylic. It features a JBJ 1/10 HP chiller that is housed within a custom wood cabinet (complete with vented doors), along with a 24″ E Series Ecoxotic LED light, Ehiem pumps for filtration and chiller loop, and one beefy Reef Dynamics Custom Nano Protein Skimmer. Another model, probably a slightly smaller one, is also said to be in the works, though there hasn’t been any info released on them as of yet.

While we can certainly appreciate the coldwater centric design for this setup, we were more intrigued by the massive protein skimmer in the rear chamber. The skimmer runs from the floor of the tank all the way out of the top. The pump design of this skimmer is based on the Nano Reef Systems models, and it looks to be a smaller version of the ISN50 Nano Skimmer. Where the ISN50 comes two proprietary NRS Model 2 Diamond Mesh-Wheel pumps, the model featured on this coldwater system just has one pump. Still, it’s a big skimmer for a tiny space and we’d love to see how it handles the aquarium after getting a chance to officially break in.


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