Tip of the Day – 9/10/2014


Need inspiration for an aquarium build? Then step away from the computer! That’s right. We said it.

The only way to truly be inspired by an aquarium is to experience it in person. People don’t build awesome looking reefs to be displayed in two-dimensional photographs whose resolution is reduced significantly by some random software of an online forum. The images don’t convey depth, poorly show off color, and are just a terrible way to find that aquarium that inspires you and pushes you to new realms of the hobby. Instead, get out and look at aquariums. Travel locally to the best known tanks in your area. Get around nationally for some even better aquariums that might have some interesting regional flare. Whatever you do, just don’t sit at home in your jammies, snacking on a bag of Cheetos, staring at aquariums online. Sure, that may be a decent place to start looking and to get some ideas, but it is soooo much more fulfilling to get the firsthand experience.


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