Tip of the Day – 9/1/2014


While pursuing my usual social media hangouts, the most interesting thought came to mind. Every time you attend an aquarium conference, you’re probably not going to go home empty handed. Whether you’re shopping for fish or frags, there are just too many awesome pieces to let slip by. But there is one major issue…where to house the livestock. If you’re in a hotel room fro an out of town event, such as MACNA, then you can set up a temporary aquarium right in your room. All you need is a small aquarium, a light, a filter, and access to a moderate amount of water. All of these items can be purchased at a local fish store or hobbyist, and setting it up should be a breeze. Then, when the show is over, tear it all down, pack up your fish and corals, then leave. If the tank and equipment is too cumbersome for a trip home, donate it to a local hobbyist and be on your way. The benefit to this approach is that your fish and corals are in your possession during the show, and as most of us know, mixups happen at the show that prevents us from taking home the item we paid for. This may not work for everyone, but it might help a few others.


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