Tip of the Day – 9/16/2014


If you are looking to do a unique aquarium, try going the biotope route. There are too many mixed reef tanks out there that feature fish, corals, and other organisms from all over the globe. Sure, they look nice, but if you want to go all natural or just do something that most others aren’t, then a biotope might be a good choice. In general, biotope aquariums, sometimes called ‘topes for short, are designed around a specific organism or habitat. For example, many people do Caribbean biotopes and they feature just species from the Caribbean. Others do seagrass specific setups, and design their tanks with deep sand beds, lots of seagrasses, and fish that are natural to these habitats. Either route you take, the possibilities are almost endless. Just be sure to research your target area to be able to recreate the most natural looking aquarium possible.


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