Tip of the Day – 9/18/2014


In marine aquariums, it is not rare to see tiny, jellyfish-like organisms floating around in the water. While these appear like your regular old run of the mill jellyfish, they are not in fact actual jellyfish at all. Instead, they are the free-floating medusae of cnidarian life form. Because cnidarians are a group that consist of corals, anemones, and jellyfish, there is a possibility that the baby jellies could be from just about anything. This includes Aiptasia anemones, which is the most likely scenario in a majority of cases. Regardless of their origins, chances are the medusa will become fodder for water pumps and anything with an appetite for them. If the do settle out, it will most likely happen in a cryptic area, such as in and under rocks, in sumps, and even within the plumbing.


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