Tip of the Day – 9/9/2014


If you are looking for good deals on aquarium equipment or livestock, chances are you have hit up the aquarium forums. For local shopping, you can see the actual item you are purchasing before you buy it. So if the coral is unhealthy or the equipment is damaged, you can sort of know before you hand over the cash. When dealing with the nationwide forums, however, you don’t always get this luxury. With the exception of pictures, you are almost purchasing blindly. That’s where online reviews play a key role. Most forums have a vendor and buyer/seller review section in which people can positively or negatively review their recent purchases. Just look for the person from which you are buying (or potentially buying) and either totally close the door on a possible purchase or proceed with pulling the trigger. If you aren’t purchasing, the review sections also serve as a great place to get your fill of aquarium hobby drama, as the stories are usually quite entertaining.


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