A Brief History of EcoTech Marine [Video]


EcoTech Marine is often referred to as the Apple of the aquarium industry, and for good reason. Whether it be the cutting edge design of their products or the ability of their equipment to be used together seamlessly, the company is quite similar to the popular phone maker in numerous ways, and it is has led to a lot of success. The trio of Tim Marks, Justin Lawyer, and Patrick Clasen have managed to grow a small startup company into a powerhouse brand that is recognized the world over, but despite their massive success, the company has remained humble and true to its roots.

EcoTech Marine started out as a college project that secured funding to produce kalkwasser reactors. While that venture fell flat on its face, the team dreamt up the revolutionary VorTech propeller pump, which was unlike anything else on the market. Instead of placing the motor in the tank, it was located outside and magnetically coupled to a propeller in the water. Add on some nifty wave functions and you’ve got an intriguing new product that took the world by storm. Fast forward a few years and the VorTechs invaded nearly every aquarium across America. To bolster their offering, the Radion LED light fixtures were developed, as were a whole slew of other products that only adds to its ranks with each passing year.

The video above gives a really neat account of EcoTech Marine’s history, including how they have grown from a college project into a multi-million dollar company that employs over 50 people. It also goes into great detail about how EcoTech Marine is helping sustain the hobby and how they give back to nature by planting corals with the Coral Restoration Foundation. But what isn’t seen is how the company donates to other great causes, like the MASNA college scholarship program, events in the local community, and aquarium organizations nationwide.

The video is certainly interesting, and if you’ve got 5 minutes to spare, we highly recommend watching it.


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