Jebao Pumps Now Compatible with Apex Controllers


Jebao Adapter for Apex Controller

The Jebao brand has amassed a giant following of loyal hobbyists who just love their water pumps. They offer Tunze and VorTech like functionality but at a far more budget friendly price point. We have seen really nice new models earlier this year from Jebao, and it looks like those pumps are only getting better. Recently announced, Jebao is adding compatibility with the Apex controller from Neptune Systems thanks to their own module. While the module isn’t an actual product of Neptune Systems like the modules that control the Tunze or VorTech models, it will certainly be a welcomed sight for Jebao owners looking for even more controllability.

The Apex Controller Linkage adapter, as it is being called, is compatible with all models of the Jebao DC pump, the WaveLine DC pump, the Jebao WP/FS/RW pumps and the ATI DC pumps. The adapter connects to the Apex controller via the standard RJ45 jack and supplies power to two pump channels. A 39 inch long cable is provided to help you pumps stretch out across the length of your aquarium, and an extension kit is also available for even longer tanks.

Pricing is set at $38.99 per unit and they are immediately available to hobbyists nationwide. As for added functionality, the only limitation will be on the controller side, which should be minimal. The pumps will have a bevy of flow modes that can be controlled at various times of the day or based on other parameters.

Jebao Adapter for Apex Controller with Wire

Jebao Apex Control Cords


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