Picture of the Week, Pico Reef


Pico Reef

Who says you need a big aquarium in order to have a thriving reef tank?

It is frequently said that you need a large aquarium in order to keep a captive reef with any long-term success. While a large tank certainly has its advantages, with water parameter stability being one of them, it’s not a requisite to a healthy, happy reef. Aquariums can come in all shapes and sizes, and as long as you follow a stringent maintenance routine, even the smallest of aquariums can not only thrive, but be showpieces as well. The tank above is not necessarily a stellar setup, but it is successful. The corals and the clam are simply thriving in their tiny acrylic box.

Now, the inhabitants will quickly outgrow their living space, but that’s a problem for even big tanks. The key thing to note is that it can be done, pretty much regardless of size.


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