Awesome Aberrant Flame Angel Has Silver Tipped Fins


Silver Bullet Flame Angelfish

Aberrations come in varying forms, ranging from a slight shift from a normal color or pattern to a huge deviation from the norm. While the latter usually gets most of the praise, it’s often the subtle differences that make a fish truly exciting. Case in point is this awesome flame angelfish from Sustainable Reef Supplies. Dubbed the “Silver Bullet” Flame Angelfish, this spicy little number looks rather normal at first glance, but if you’re familiar with the species even remotely, you’ll notice that something is a bit different. The orange coloration and vertical black bars all seem to be consistent with the norm, but the tips of the dorsal and anal fins are both rocking an awesome silver coloration.

Normally, these fins are dipped in a vibrant blue that is rather striking. This fish, however, ditches the blue shade and goes with a silvery-white that we just love.

Now, we don’t really know anything about the fish, as in where it was caught or how much it sold for, but really those details are irrelevant. What really matters is that the aberrant fish is downright awesome with its silver tips.


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