Tip of the Day – 10/21/2014


STOP taking pictures of fish in your hands!

Too may times do we see hobbyists, retailers, wholesalers, and so on taking pictures of their fish in their hands and totally out of the water. While we get the practice of trying to showcase your fish in whatever way possible, with the hand being a quick and convenient tool to show scale, it is hazardous to the fish and the whole thing can be taken care of in an entirely different way. Handling the fish can cause stress and will agitate their slime coat, opening them up to irritation and infection.

To get a good photo of your fish, simply place one in a small specimen container or drop in a white piece of plastic into the tank to serve as a background for your photos. If you can’t get a good picture this way, then get better with the camera. But whatever you do, stop touching your fish.


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