Tip of the Day – 10/30/2014


Did you know that you don’t have to rely on iodine and other aquarium focused products as the only types of coral dips? In fact, the aquarium industry only offers up a few products, some of which aren’t all that effective. The broader pest control industry, on the other hand, has plenty of products available for us to use to eradicate various pets from our reef aquariums. For example, Bayer has a pesticide that is an awesome coral dip, and we all know how effective Interceptor (a treatment for dog heartworms) can be at killing red bugs. These two, and several others, are readily available and hobbyists are constantly trying out new and creative ways to kill pests that only reveal more capable products. So, don’t just stick to aquarium themed products. Hit up the forums and see what other hobbyists are having success with. Just be sure to dose carefully and do whatever you can to prevent a disaster.


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