Tip of the Day – 10/31/2014


When moving a Tridacnid clam, especially out of the water when transferring from one aquarium to another (think purchasing from the fish store), it is important to burp it. What happens is when the clam is exposed to air, some of the water within the mantle drains out. When the clam is submerged back into an aquarium, a small bubble gets trapped in the tissue, and it can cause some serious issues. The bubble can irritate the clam’s tissues, as well as cause physical deformities as it sits there. Some tissue around the bubble may even die, depending on the length of the exposure. To prevent this, it is wise to burp the clam after placing it into the aquarium. To do this, simply turn the clam over and rotate it back and forth gently, allowing any trapped air to escape. It’s a quick and easy process that can be done while initially placing the clam into the tank.


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