Special Turkey Day Tip of the Day


Good morning and Happy Thanksgiving to you all. In lieu of the holiday, we decided to cook up a special tip of the day with fish foods in mind.

On a day like today, where eating nonstop is not only a tradition but also an expectation, you might find yourself feeling a little generous toward your fish, corals, and hungry invertebrates. While we certainly encourage feeding each and every organism in your aquarium, even to excess at times, we want to caution you to put the turkey baster down and don’t overfeed your aquarium (turkey basters are a common tool to feed fish and corals). We instead encourage you to stay the course. Feed your tank as usual and don’t deviate from the game plane too much. A little extra food won’t hurt, but keep in mind the consequences. These include spikes in ammonia and nitrite, uneaten fish food left to waste away, potential overfeeding that causes physical damage, and aquarium equipment that begins to malfunction.

Again, a little more food is not a huge deal, but do be careful and try not to overfeed on this special day of feasts.


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