Tip of the Day – 11/14/2014


Sometimes a desirable coral can become invasive in the home aquarium. It may start out as a slow grower, but it quickly starts to dominate your reef scene. While this sounds like the dream scenario for any reef keeper, it isn’t without its downsides. On the positive, you have plenty of the corals you like and you can frag them regularly and make a few bucks out of your tank. For the negative, the coral is, well, invasive. It overgrows other corals in the tank, it chews up valuable real estate for future coral growth, and it drastically takes away from the aesthetic appeal. There just isn’t any coral diversity in the tank anymore, and if your coral is of the stinging variety, it could literally kill every other coral in the tank. So, if you find a coral growing at a pace far faster than the others, you might want to stay on top of its growth or even ditch it altogether to prevent issues down the road.


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