Tip of the Day – 11/24/2014


If you want to really clean up the look of the wires for your aquarium equipment, try hiding it all behind a false wall or tucking them into a piece of dedicated plumbing. Wires are unsightly. They fall all over the place, drape all over aquarium gear, and get all funky with salt creep and other nasty gunk. The false wall is a great way to just hide a bunch of that ugliness, as well as keep power outlets dry and salt creep-free. These walls can be installed into any aquarium stand, and can be made of plastic or laminated/treated wood products. As for the plumbing idea, this is great if you don’t have plans for moving the equipment anytime soon. Just run all of the cords through a piece of PVC, plastic conduit, or some other vessel to keep them out of sight.


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