Tip of the Day – 11/25/2014


I’m convinced. Peroxide dosing is perfectly safe to dose to a reef aquarium and it is really effective at eliminating hair algae. I was a bit skeptical to do it at first, but after getting tired of seeing hair algae covering my corals, as most of us would, I decided to tip toe into peroxide dosing. I started with 0.5mL per gallon of aquarium water, and over the course of a few weeks, the hair algae has been decimated. It is not completely gone, but it has been significantly reduced. Of course, this approach isn’t a first step in the battle and it shouldn’t be for any of you either. If you are battling an algae infestation, try to get the water chemistry under control first. Reduce nutrients, use clean RO water, and employ algae eaters to fight the good fight. If that all fails, as it did with myself and many others out there, cautiously try other methods.


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