Tip of the Day – 11/3/2014


There are many different invasive corals that can take over a reef aquarium, and sometimes it’s a coral you would least expect. Sure, we all know how fast Zoanthids and Kenya Tree corals can reproduce, but certain SPS corals can also grow at alarming rates. Plating Montipora, or any other fast growing monti for that matter, can quickly take over a tank. While these are easy to keep in check, their fast growing nature can zap calcium and other reef building elements from the water, starving out other calcareous species that also depend on them. Another invasive SPS is the Pocillopora. These corals, like monties, are highly sought after. Unlike montis, however, these not only grow fast but can also sporadically pop up all over the tank. Pocillopora can show up literally anywhere in the aquarium. And while this might seem like wonderful news at first, it’s frustrating to have the SPS dominating a display, especially when the little frags grow on things you don’t want them to.


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