EcoTech Announces Product Test Team, Potential for Free Gear


EcoTech Product Test Team

If you want to get in on some brand new, unreleased products for a little one-on-one testing, EcoTech Marine has the offer for you. They announced their EcoTech Product Test Team, which will be comprised of a select group of individuals that will get the opportunity to gain first-hand knowledge of new EcoTech products, including beta testing the products and getting to provide feedback directly to the company’s president in an super secret online forum. If the prospect of free new gear isn’t enough for you, just look at it this way, you will be helping shape EcoTech Marine’s product line for the future. How awesome is that?

To apply to the group, visit EcoTech’s Zendesk forum and make a comment with the text, “Count me in!” and fill out their online application. If selected, you will be placed on the Product Test Team for a three-month tenure, after which you can reapply to the program. As a gift for participating, EcoTech Marine is giving all of its testers a welcome kit that includes a fragging kit, t-shirt and other EcoTech reef keeping stuff.



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