The LTR Rainbow Incinerator Paly is a Knockout


LTR Rainbow Incinerator

Being that it is Friday and Christmas is so so close, we decided to relax a bit and enjoy the view. So, we are going to make today all about some awesome corals we recently spotted on the web. First up is the Rainbow Incinerator paly from Love The Reef. This awesome polyp symbolizes all that is awesome with these corals, sporting intense colors that would make any hobbyist stop and drool for a moment or two. They sport long skirts that have a striped pattern, along with a vibrant swathe of colors on its oral disc. These include a bright yellow mouth and a copperish pink disc.

The coral was sold on eBay at a rate of $90 for two polyps, which isn’t too bad considering how similar palys go for that price for just one polyp. Yes, I’m trying to justify a $45 per polyp coral, which is a bit uncharacteristic of me, but this coral looks that good.

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