Picture of the Week, Awesome Maxima Clam


Blue Seas Aquariums Maxima Clam

We don’t often use other people’s photos for our Picture of the Week, opting for the opportunity to show off some of our own collection, but we couldn’t resist sharing this amazing clam. This Tridacna maxima from Blue Seas Aquariums sports some sick colors that show signs of a rainbow-like effect at various places in its mantle. While it’s a little difficult to get a gauge on the clam’s true colors due to the intense blue lighting, we can see some intense striations radiating out from the middle of the vibrant turquoise┬ámantle. Spots of orange line the edges of the mantle, giving the clam a really neat look. On second thought, our knee-jerk reaction to blame the blue lighting may have been unfounded. The rocks under the orange yuma aren’t bathed in blue like you’d expect, so perhaps the clam’s color in this photo is actually pretty accurate. If that’s the case, this clam is even more out of this world than we thought.

This image was taken from the Blue Seas Aquariums Facebook Page.


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