Royal Exclusiv Dreambox Silencer


Royal Exclusiv Dreambox Silencer

Royal Exclusiv is ending the year on a quiet note, or at least they are trying to. The high-end equipment manufacturer is adding some silencing devices to their Dreambox and Nano Dreambox sump systems that should eliminate, or at least alleviate, some of that gushing waterfall noise that occurs as water is pouring over the filter stocks. Called the Dreambox Silencer, these accessories look more at home within a protein skimmer than they do a filter sock, but they are functionally not all that different.

Where a diffuser plate in a skimmer aims to slow the water down, thereby increasing the contact time of the bubbles, the Dreambox Silencers have the simple goal of halting any noise generated by the bubbling cauldron that is dwelling in the filter socks. The water is distributed over the plate and is allowed to trickle into the filter sock, as opposed to gushing right into it. The large opening in the middle serves to let out escaping air, preventing large bubbles from popping (which can be noisy) and allowing the water to distribute evenly across the plate. These do not serve as a splash guard of any kind, as water will be poured over the Silencers, likely tossing some water around in the process.

The Royal Exclusiv Dreambox Silencers retail for just under 15 EUR and are currently available to purchase.

Royal Exclusiv Filter Sock Silencer


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