Tip of the Day – 12/8/2014


Eels are incredibly awesome fish to house in a marine aquarium (yes, they are fish). And while they seem like vicious predators that would eat any fish that passes nearby, they are actually quite a bit more “reef safe” than their reputation dictates. Small shrimp will probably get eaten rather quickly by an eel, but most fish will be ignored so long as the eel is given regular feedings of live ghost shrimp and a variety of frozen foods (krill, octopus, silversides, and so on). Toss in some good hiding spots (eels are more comfortable hiding during the day) and you’ve got yourself a rather unique setup since most people wouldn’t dare put an eel in a reef tank. All that said, do be mindful that this is a predator and they can eat fish from time to time.

On an interesting side note, eels have remarkably bad vision. They can detect light and movement just like anything else, but they cannot see fish and things of that nature all too well. For this reason, eels are less a threat than people think possible.


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