BSA Corals Shows Off Radical New Blastos


BSA Radical Roses Blasto

We have developed quite an affinity for colorful, random Blastomussa corals as of late, and this latest find by BSA Corals isn’t helping that much. They recently showed off their Radical Roses Blasto over on the forum site, Reef2Reef, and it’s one of the best Blastos we’ve seen in some time. This coral sports a darker look than we’re used to. The oral discsĀ are a mix of deep purples, reds, and greens, with a neon red outlining those dark centers. A glowing green mouth punctuates the center of each coral polyp, further adding to its allure.

The price is set at $275 shipped per head, a bit steep we’ll admit, and BSA Corals will only release a few heads at a time.


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