This Pink and Yellow Blasto is Refreshingly Different


Exotic Reef Creations Pink and Yellow Blasto

Our blasto kick continues this weeks as we feature another knockout coral, this one from Exotic Reef Creations. This pink and yellow Blastomussa, which we found on found on Reef2Reef, meets all of the requirements to be a killer piece. It sports a vibrant yellow body with an awesome pink outer ring. To add to the vibrancy of the coral, the blasto’s mouth is neon green with green lines radiating away from the center. It is a super bright piece, and a great way to brighten up our Friday.

And one of the best parts in all of this is the fact that the coral wasn’t photographed under heavy blue LEDs. Instead, the photographer chose to work with a healthy mix of blue and white T5HO tubes, which in our opinions is one of the best ways to represent a coral, photographically speaking of course.


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