Tip of the Day – 1/20/2015


When disaster strikes, don’t lose your cool. Aquarium leaks, cracked reactors, busted light bulbs, and numerous other things can happen to your aquarium at any time, and depending on how you react, your livestock may or may not survive the ordeal. If you freak out, make snap decisions, and rush through the troubleshooting steps, you might not do something right or you may skip steps that could be crucial to the long-term success and survival of the tank’s inhabitants. Of course, to help prevent those missteps, you could always prepare yourself for common scenarios. Have a backup tank or other container on hand to house fish and corals while you fix a leaking tank. Buy backup pumps, light bulbs, and other supplies in the event something fails. Also, keep a fresh batch of water on standby in the event an emergency water change is needed to alleviate a problem. So, don’t freak out and plan ahead. These two steps will help your aquarium hobby flourish even in times of difficulty and will prevent one disaster from erasing all of your hard work.


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