ATI & Giesemann T5 Comparison – Part 3


This is the final part on the ATI & Giesemann Comparison showing an overlay of the Giesemann & ATI T5 bulbs that are most similar to each other.  Thanks to Ben for contributing to AquaNerd.

I overlaid some of the lamps’ spectral graphs over each other. Blue are ATI, Red are Giesemann.

Please Note: The overlaid graphs aren’t 100% scaled to equalized output, to be frank I’m not even sure how I would limit this as it is not quite as straightforward as resizing the images on top of each other like I did.

ATI Coral Plus and Giesemann Aquablue Coral

Coral Plus and Aquablue Coral

ATI Aquablue Special and Giesemann Aquablue Azure

Aquablue Special and Aquablue Azure

ATI Blue Plus and Giesemann Actinic Blue

ATI Blue Plus and Giesemann Actinic Blue



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