Featured Coral of the Week 8/24/2015 – Acropora millepora

Unique Corals Indo Pink Acropora millepora

Unique Corals Indo Pink Acropora millepora

This beautiful farm raised Acropora millepora originated as Bali Wild Colony. In Captivity for over a year at the Unique Corals facility in California, the Indo Pink Acro is a beautiful example of how many different colors we see in Acropora millepora species.

The “UC Pink Mille”  are available from Unique Corals as a 1″ frag slightly encrusted on a frag plug.  This coral is described by Unique as “a great little pink Millie with a lot of potential”. Colorful, hardy, and interesting, this piece has a lot going for it! It’s a great starter piece that has the makings of an amazing colony if given proper conditions!

Personally I have always loved Acropora mille corals.  They are generally super fuzzy, available in a variety of colors and most variations are fast growers that build large tables over time.  They are also some of the more hardy species of Acropora.

UC Pink Mille Care:

  • CARE LEVEL:  Intermediate
  • TEMPERAMENT: Peaceful
  • PLACEMENT: On Rockwork or Rubble
  • LIGHTING:  Bright

Unique Corals keeps these corals under 400 watt 20,000k Radium metal halides on light movers. They do appreciate regular feedings of fine-sized foods. Dosed with Triton Base Elementz and Two Little Fishies Acropower Amino Acids.


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