Tip of the day – 8/10/2015 Making Water Changes Easy


Performing water changes on your aquarium can be messy if you don’t have the right tools of the trade.  In the past I would simply cut off a section of vinyl tubing or spa flex and then submerge one end into the aquarium and the other end into my mouth.  This was not a great (or hygienic) way to create a siphon because I would ultimately get water into my mouth and onto the floor.  Spillage was definitely a problem.

A few years ago I began using a product from Python Products called the No Spill Clean and Fill for removing water from the aquarium and sump.  As the name implies, this product works great to prevent spillage onto your floors.  It also makes the whole process more efficient.  The No Spill Clean and Fill is made of thick, flexible vinyl tubing which resists kinking and is entirely environmentally friendly and FDA approved.

Python No Spill Clean and Fill

Python No Spill

It is recommended by many aquarists to change about 5% of the overall tank volume on a weekly basis.  We know for some people that doing a weekly water change is sometimes not easy but doing smaller water changes can help with temperature and pH swings.  If bi-weekly water changes are preferable, then you should change about 10% of the total water volume every two weeks.

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If you are one of those “old-school” types who just likes to “suck and siphon” or you fear the inevitable spillage will wreak havoc on your beautiful hardwood floors or leave a smelly mess in your carpet, then you may want to consider purchasing the AquaMat from Crystal Clear Aquatics.  This innovative floor covering protects from spilling in several different ways.

First, it has an anti-soak-through waterproof backing to protect your floor and carpet. Second, it rapidly absorbs up to five times its weight in water…easily containing an accidental spill.  Lastly, it is washable, dryable and reusable…ensuring many safe and successful water changes.

Changing your water in small frequent intervals will ensure a clean and healthy environment for your livestock and avoid the radical changes which can often occur during  a complete water change.  The mats are available in 20″x36″, 28″x36″ and 30″x58″ sizes.

To visit the Crystal Clear Aquatics website click here.

Crystal Clear Aquatics Aqua  Mat

Crystal Clear Aquatics Aqua Mat


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