Tip Of The Day 10/14/2015 – Aquarium Volume Conversion


aquarium volume

There are many reasons to know the accurate volume of your aquarium:

  • Estimating the weight of the aquarium so you ensure the proper stand to support the system.
  • Calculating how much your water needs to circulate in your system
  • Choosing the proper filtration for your size aquarium
  • Knowing how much you should dose a medication or supplement
  • Gauging the livestock your aquarium can safely handle

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to work smarter not harder. Thanks to the power of the internet, there is no reason to pull out the old pen and paper to calculate your aquarium water volume. The internet is full of many useful and accurate volume calculators.  If you are using the calculator to determine additives dosing, keep in mind that coral, substrate, rock and other objects in the aquarium and/or sump will displace the aquarium water volume.   When you are using a calculator to determine the amount of additives you are adding to aquarium.  Below are some of our favorites:


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