When A Disaster Hits


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A few weeks ago, we did an article on Hurricane Preparedness. I am sure many aquarist read that article and thought to themselves “This is good information, but this won’t happen to me.” Tell that to the people of our hometown, Columbia, SC. As some of you many have heard, South Carolina, specifically the Midlands area,  has just experienced the worst flood in 1000 years. As I write this article, I am safe in my home. Living on the side of Columbia that is on higher elevation, I am one of the lucky ones. I have water and electricity. My home and my family are safe, but for many in my community, and even one of our contributors, this is not the case.

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Our community and state have been completely devastated by this flood and it’s not over. The rivers will continue to rise as water from the upper areas of our state drain down to the coast. Dams have burst, flooding has been catastrophic, roads and bridges are gone. Schools are closed, hospitals are running without water. Power and water is completely out for most people in our community and we are now being told it could be at least 10 days before it will be restored.  It will be months, if not years, before our infrastructure is back to normal. We knew there would be flooding, but no one thought it would be this bad. So, what now?

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The people of South Carolina are strong and resilient. We will do what we do best, pull together as a community and lean on our neighbors for help. We humbly ask that you #prayforsc as many people in our community will have a hard road ahead of them for weeks and months to come. flood 7 flood 6 flood 8 flood 5 flood 4



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