Black Friday and Cyber Monday Deals



AquaNerd will help you stay one turkey abreast of the Black Friday, Cyber Monday & Holiday sales going on throughout the industry this season.  We expect some of these sales to last for days or longer as with the case of the Korallen-Zucht factory authorized sale that was just announced yesterday.  This authorized sale is currently underway and the discount is up to 25% off on all Korallen-Zucht products.  Korallen-Zucht manufacturers the very popular Zeovit line of aquarium additives.  They also offer T5 lamps, a line of protein skimmers and zeolith reactors.

If you are presently running the Zeovit system or have considered giving Zeovit a try then now might be the time to stock up on Zeovit additives or aquarium gear from Korallen-Zucht.

To learn more about Korallen-Zucht and the Zeovit system please visit their website here.



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