Featured Coral of the Week 11/23/2015 – Acanthastrea echinata -ReefGen “Spectrum”

ReefGen "Spectrum" Acanthastrea echinata

ReefGen “Spectrum” Acanthastrea echinata

Acanthastrea sp. – ReefGen “Spectrum echinata” has a beautiful fluorescent green growth rim that adorns each frag and remains as it grows into a colony.  Its flourescent orange polyps glow intensely under actinic lamps and LED’s.  The Spectrum echinata thrives best under conditions of moderate lighting and water movement.  You may feed solid meaty foods along with fine pellet type LPS foods.

  • CARE LEVEL:  Intermediate
  • TEMPERAMENT: Semi-Aggressive
  • PLACEMENT: On Rock Work or Rubble
  • WATER MOVEMENT: Moderate – Moderately Strong
  • LIGHTING:  Moderate

HUSBANDRY NOTES: Our friends at Unique Corals grow this coral under Kessil A350W LED’s positioned about 20″ above the water.  Their Acanthastrea are regularly fed with frozen mysis, oyster eggs and other coral foods for faster growth rates and improved coloration.

In the aquarium, Acanthastrea corals are exceptionally hardy and fast growing.  This is a great beginner coral which will tolerate a wide variety of conditions including low and moderate lighting and moderate water currents.  Like many other corals, it will do best in a stable environment. Fragging Acanthastrea echinata is very easy provided that you have a Dremel tool or frag saw.

It is best to keep Acanthastrea a safe distance away from other corals as it will extrude mesenterial filaments at night which digest other organisms within reach. It can easily kill a neighboring coral overnight if it is too close to it’s reach.


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