My Reef Creations Releases New Line of Media Reactors

Xseries Media Reactors

Xseries Media Reactors


We’ve known for some time now that MRC has been working on a new product series and today My Reef Creations has made it official with the release of their new xSeries media reactors.  Below is the official Press Release from the guys at My Reef Creations.


FOR IMMEDIATE RELEASE – December 22, 2015

My Reef Creations Lawrenceville, Ga. –

MRC® rings in 2016 with its new xSeriesTM, an affordable equipment line with exceptional quality MRC®, a brand synonymous with quality products and successful hobbyists, proudly introduces its latest line of equipment. MRC® ‘s newest member in design and manufacturing innovation, the xSeriesTM, was created by listening to customer feedback and building a line hobbyists will value for its affordability, as well as the MRC® quality they have come to know and love.

What’s so exceptional about the xSeriesTM line? Quite simply, it introduces world class MRC® quality in a more affordable way than ever before. These 1430ml-2740ml media reactors have a starting retail price of only $89.99, allowing more hobbyists to take part in the MRC® experience. The MRC® x3, x3 ECO Kit, and the x5 utilize True Reverse FlowTM to achieve maximum efficiency with minimal effort. This technology creates even dispersion through all types of media. Stand alone or bracket mounted, the unit is as versatile as it is robust.

Everything that isn’t essential to success has been removed from the equation. This helps with ease of use and the ability for quick installation. Featuring custom blue 1⁄4” translucent acrylic, produced to MRC® specifications.

The color matched acrylic, USDA food grade vinyl tubing, or the sweet reactor bracket. is proud to announce a new logo for the new year! Stay tuned to see what else MRC® has in store for 2016.  For more information about MRC® or the new xSeriesTM line including purchases and orders, please contact your local dealer.

It will be interesting to see what other products MRC is cooking up in the coming months but it only seems natural the think that next on the list will be some new Xseries sumps to complement their new reactors.


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