Euroquatics E5 Press Release and Other Announcements



Euroquatics has announce the release of their new lamps featuring the E5 LED technology.  These lights can be used in existing T5 fixtures as replacement bulbs for T5 lamps and are much brighter and longer lasting than the predecessor T5 technology.  Euroquatics is providing AquaNerd with some sample lamps for a product review and you can follow our testing on future blog posts.  We will be taking PAR readings with a BioTek Marine PAR sensor and discussing these lamps in detail after they arrive and we begin to check them out.

The highly efficient E5 lamps are designed to work in sync with original T5HO fixtures. These unique products showcase features that create an eco-friendly aquarium lamp that lasts up to five times the life span of an average T5HO lamp while consuming about half of the power. While normal T5 lamps are comprised of toxic materials that could be harmful to the environment, the E5s are made to the highest industry standard from recyclable materials. These custom-phosphor LED technology lamps are RoHS, (Restriction of Hazardous Substances) compliant and do not contain mercury or other toxic materials.

E5 lamps are available in four standard sizes: 2’, 3’, 4’ and 5’ and currently have four color options including:  Warm Daylight, Daylight, Cool Daylight, and Blue Pop (450nm).


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