Featured Coral of the Week – 1/4/2016 Joe’s Vesuvius Volcano Chalice

Joe's Vesuvius Volcano Chalice

Joe’s Vesuvius Volcano Chalice

We hope everyone has had a fantastic holiday season.  We are back on track this 1st week of 2016 with our featured coral of the week.  This week we are featuring Joe’s Vesuvius Volcano Chalice.

Basic Care:

  • Medium light
  • Low flow
  • Multicolor eyes
  • Difficulty: easy to moderate

One of the nice characteristics of Joe’s Vesuvius Volcano Chalice is that it will exhibits different colors depending on the lighting conditions. Under stronger light this coral will display more red hues while less intense lighting will promote purple hues.  As you can see, the eyes are multicolored and the rim is neon green making this a beautifully contrasting specimen.  Feeding a quality LPS food will also help with coloration and and growth rates.

The picture above is that of the mother colony grown from a 2 eye frag Joe Knows Reefs obtained about 2 1/2 years ago.  The country of origin is unknown but we suspect that it might be from somewhere off the coast of Indonesia.

Joey currently has one frag of this on his website for $279.99.



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