Jellyfish Art Aquarium, it’s Easy to Setup


Jellyfish Art 2 gallon nano Jellyfish Aquarium

In this post, we will continue our series on the new Jellyfish Art 2 gallon nano cylinder aquarium. Now that we have unboxed the unit, we have begun the process of setting up the aquarium. Yesterday we ordered our Jellyfish from Jellyfish Art so the only thing left to do is prepare the aquarium for the arrival of the Jellies!

The aquarium has been very simple to set up so far. To prepare the water, all we had to do was add 2 gallons of water to a 5 gallon bucket and pour in the 2 gallon salt mix provided with the aquarium. The manufacturer recommends that you wait 24 hours before adding the pre-salted water to the aquarium but once the salt crystals were complete dissolved, we felt comfortable adding the water to the tank. While the salt crystals were dissolving in the water, we opened the included Chemi-Pure Blue packet and rinsed it with fresh water. Once the packet was properly rinsed, we put it into the indentation on the foam filtration pad. When the salt water mix was ready, we filled the aquarium to the indicated water level. For fun, once we had added the water, we decided to test out the LED remote control. As you can see from the video above, the remote control works pretty well, but is more consistent when the line of site is clear (infrared not Wi-Fi).

Our jellyfish will be arriving tomorrow, so the next steps will be preparing the aquarium to accept the jellyfish. Stay tuned for our next update and video on Jellyfish Acclimation.

Adding salt mix to 2 gallons of RO/DI water.

Adding salt mix to 2 gallons of RO/DI water.



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