WAMAS Donates $25,000 To Coral Restoration Foundation


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AquaNerd, in keeping with our mission to provide the latest news and information on important issues and topics of interest to aquarium clubs, hobbyists and enthusiasts, is thrilled to share with you a recent press release from MASNA.  Of particular interest to all hobbyists should be the article on how the Washington Area Marine Aquarist Society has donated $25,000.00 to the Coral Restoration Foundation to support their efforts in recolonizing reefs that have been damaged or decimated along the Florida Keys and parts of the Caribbean.


WAMAS proudly becomes a Patch Reef Sponsor

Reston, VA (February 2, 2016) – The Washington D.C. Area Marine Aquarist Society, Inc. (WAMAS) has donated $25,000 to Coral Restoration Foundation and has become a Patch Reef Sponsor. The generous donation from WAMAS will directly support the Intern Program at Coral Restoration Foundation and provide one intern position over the next two and a half years.

 “This donation comes directly from the proceeds of our hosting MACNA® 2015 last fall. We are very pleased and excited to be able to offer meaningful support Coral Restoration Foundation and their leading-edge conservation program to protect and restore at-risk reef habitats. And we hope that, by making this donation, we will inspire other clubs and future MACNA teams to consider similar, philanthropic gestures.” said Tom Land, WAMAS President.

 Coral Restoration Foundation CEO, Scott Winters, states, “The generous gift WAMAS has provided to the Coral Restoration Foundation is an important step in advancing our education outreach. Our intern program is a unique educational opportunity for the next generation of science-based conservationists. We are honored to partner with WAMAS and hope that it inspires others to commit to conservation focused education.”

 Through the donation to Coral Restoration Foundation, WAMAS is providing educational opportunities in the fields of ocean conservation, restoration of the reefs, diving, and educational outreach. Coral Restoration Foundation is grateful for the donation and looks forward to furthering this partnership for years to come.


WAMAS is a non-profit educational society committed to promoting interest in and enjoyment of all aspects of the marine aquarium hobby by educating the public on the creation and maintenance of a marine ecosystem. They provide resources to the saltwater aquarium enthusiasts in the Washington D.C., Virginia, and Maryland area by sponsoring meetings, educational seminars, lectures, online discussions, publications, websites, exhibits, and other means, as a social avenue to connect with other local hobbyists in our area. WAMAS supports education, research and conservation efforts improving marine and coral reef environments.

Coral Restoration Foundation (CRF) is a 501 (c) (3) nonprofit conservation organization headquartered in Key Largo, Florida created to develop offshore coral nurseries and restoration strategies for critically endangered coral reefs at local, national, and international levels.  To learn more about the restoration efforts of CRF, visit www.coralrestoration.org.

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