ProDibio Announces the Release of it’s, “Aquarium Cure Program”


4d7ecb91-a796-4af4-bc1f-a1e236163059ProDibio the makers of BioDigest, Bioptim and other aquarium supplements have developed an FDA approved line of freshwater and saltwater fish medications.  The medication lineup includes 6 new products; three for freshwater ailments and three for marine.

The 6 products include:

  • Spots & Velvets for Freshwater Fish
  • Spots & Velvets for Marine Fish
  • Worms & Parasites for Freshwater Fish
  • Worms & Parasites for Marine Fish
  • Bacteria & Fungi for Freshwater Fish
  • Bacteria & Fungi for Marine Fish

Like all of the other Prodibo products, each medication is packaged and dispersed through it’s signature pre-measured, one dose, oxygen free and UV resistant glass ampoules.  Each package includes 5 ampules of medication and 1 ampoule of BioDigest Start which is used on the final and 9th day of the treatment process.

After reading through the Prodibio website, only the Spots & Velvets treatment is safe to use when invertebrates or corals are present.  Invertebrates such as snails and shrimps and corals cannot withstand Bacteria & Fungi or Worms and Parasites treatments.  When present, all fish you choose to medicate must be removed and treated in a separate quarantine tank.  For more details and product directions for each treatment refer to the Prodibio website.

ProDibio products are distributed in the US through Hydor USA.


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