Quality Marine Receives The World’s First Aquacultured Yellow Tangs

Aquacultered Yellow Tangs

Aquacultered Yellow Tangs

Quality Marine the first ever batch of Aquacultured Yellow Tangs.

 Quality Marine has long been recognized as the best source for high quality marine organisms, and has always promoted the merits of responsible and sustainable wild-harvest.  The sustainable harvest and collection of wild stock has both profound financial and ecological benefits deep into areas stricken with overwhelming poverty. However, we at Quality Marine are also ardent supporters of an increasing number of aquaculture efforts throughout the world. While we continually expand our aquacultured availability with as many species as come available, we focus our efforts on initiatives that are the most environmentally meaningful.

For the First Time Ever, Aquacultured Yellow Tangs are Available


The first ever fully aquacultured yellow tangs becoming available as a result of tremendous breakthroughs and collaboration between Hawaii’s Oceanic Institute and the Rising Tide initiative. We are excited to announce that in support of this great success, and of the overall Rising Tide Initiative, Quality Marine will be assisting in bringing these to market.

Aqua-culturing any marine fish is a daunting task, and Surgeonfish of all sorts have proven to be a tremendous challenge due the extended larval pelagic periods during which they are especially difficult to feed and house. The successful rearing of these fish is an incredible milestone to pass, and its promise for the future aquaculture of this and other species is incredibly encouraging. This promise is what makes it extremely important that we continue to support Rising Tide.

While these fish are going to be more expensive than the yellow tangs harvested from the wild, that increased cost will help support the Rising Tide Initiative going forward.

Aquacultured items now make up the vast majority of coral sold through Quality Marine. Part of the reason is demand as people want to know that their coral is sustainably sourced and aquaculture is one avenue that offers that assurance.

From a sourcing perspective, aquaculture offers many benefits.  The best and brightest corals found are generally the ones that are retained for aquaculture, and after several generations of culture these corals are also incredibly consistent; they show uniform colors, growth forms, disc coverage and size.  Uniformity to this degree is impossible in wild coral collection.  We source some corals exclusively through culture facilities, including some of our most popular items like zoanthids, actinia and even some acroporas!  QM offers more than 300 different varieties of cultured coral, and in so doing support culture facilities around the world.  If an aquacultured or maricultured coral is available on a reasonably appropriate scale, it’s available from QM.


Support of these culture facilities, both large and small, remains imperative for their continued success.  Culturing anything takes time and resources, and continued industry support is the only way that these facilities will continue to grow, become more efficient, and offer even wider varieties of corals.


 We have gone to great lengths to ensure that if there is an aquacultured fish or invertebrate available in the industry, it can be sourced through Quality Marine. From the most basic Ocellaris clownfish and Peppermint Shrimp to a wide variety of the most colorful Acropora, and access to the rarest aqua-cultured items like Yellow Tangs and Clarion Angels, Quality Marine is proud to regularly make these varieties available and accessible. We will continue with our efforts to offer the best and widest variety of aquacultured specimens anywhere and we encourage our customers to do the same. 


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